Il Resto

A gaming clan

Welcome guest, please

Il Resto is a small tight knit Xbox One Clan. We started as a Destiny clan, but has since branched out to other games (The Division , Halo 5, and others). Our clan uses the app Discord to communicate. Some of the features of this website are for clan members only.

Our members play both PvE and PvP style content equally. Check out our roster page to see a list of our members as well as links to their various gaming and social media profiles. Clan members can edit their profiles there as well.

Clan members can use the raid page to; create raids or groups, join raids or groups, and edit raids or groups.

You can usually find us streaming on the Twitch platform. Head over to our Twitch page to see who is streaming now.

If you are a Destiny player that is having trouble, we have clan members that love to help. We have helped dozens of non-clan members learn the raids, and complete hard missions or quests. These people have come to use from many places /r/destinythegame/, the forums, Guardian Radio podcast, Twitter. We have a group of very high level guardians that like to help. Learn more about this program on our Sherpa page.

Our Spartan Company on Halo 5 is il resto. You can view our stats on our Spartan Company page.

@il_resto on Twitter