Il Resto

A gaming clan

Welcome guest, please

Il Resto is a Destiny clan mainly focused on the Xbox One system (view our clan page here). We have a core of 50 players, most of which have multiple maximum level characters. Combined, we have completed hundreds of raids, explored every aspect of the game, and invested thousands of hours.

We would like to give back to the community by helping people. We can help guardians learn raid mechanics, help with story modes, using strikes to help level through the 20's, weekly activities such as nightfall strikes and prison of elders, or just "show you the ropes".

If you would like our help, use the form below to get in contact with us (the more information, the better). We will contact you and arrange a time that is convenient. Please keep in mind that this is targeted toward people who need help learning or gathering a team. People looking for immediate help may want to use one of the main LFG services.

Use this form to request a sherpa from Il Resto